E-Skylight Curbs with our patented steel shape offer a thermally broken option with a R- 7.5 insulation value while maintaining a 1.5" width required for standard skylights.

The E-Skylight Curb was developed as an insulated option to fill the void in skylight curbs.

The Skylight industry has made great strides in improved insulation capabilities of skylight units.

The curbs these units sit on, however, remain void of insulation.

The E-Skylght curb is constructed of extruded polystyrene sandwiched between light gage steel channels.
  • Substantially improved R value - R 7.5 rather than R 1.0 average
  • Thermal break
  • Simplified installation
  • Custom sized to fit all skylight brands (up to 24" high for flat roofs)
  • Thicker walled curbs available for greater R value